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Dufresne Events

We specialize in high quality market driven conferences and training pertaining to the green industry. We conduct research and work closely with industry experts before launching any event. In addition, the ability to network and work together to create solutions is central to all our events. Essentially, we aspire to bring unbiased business to business information through an interactive platform for the benefit of the community.

Ev Li-ion Battery Forum

Providing a platform for Ev Li-ion Battery professionals to meet experts in the entire supply chain. View More

Energy Storage Forum

Bringing together Energy Storage experts with well researched topics and networking. View More

Energy Storage Academy

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content looking layout. View More

Conference Speakers

Meet our high profile speakers who share insightful information with the delegates. In addition, get the opportunity to network with them during our events. View More

EV Li-ion Gallery

View pictures of our delegates networking and coming together to come out with solutions for the EV Li-ion Battery Industry. View More

Energy Storage Gallery

View pictures of our delegates learning and collaborating to brainstorm for solutions for the Energy Storage Industry. View More